About Fran Lees Quirk

I’m enjoying an antique car while at the end of the line for the Hood River Dinner Train in Oregon.

My name is Fran Lees Quirk.  I was born and raised in the Midwest and then at the age of 41, decided to change things up a bit and move West to the San Francisco Bay area and then up to Portland, Oregon.  Five years ago, I moved back to the Midwest.

I’m widowed, have an adult daughter, two grandchildren (one of each) and a great grandson.  I recently moved into a senior apartment complex and I’ve enjoyed making my new place “my own”.  After being widowed in 2007, circumstances dictated that I downsize significantly.  This has been a good thing as I’ve been forced to minimize my possessions and keep only “the cream of the crop”.  I am surrounded by things that I love and support my dreams of nurturing my creativity.

I love the Victorian Era and enjoy designing craft and needlework projects based in that era.  I also collect recipes featuring edible flowers and herbs like Rose Petal Jam and Lemon Lavender Quick Bread.  I’ve often served as a museum docent for locations in Iowa, California and Oregon and loved sharing what I know with other folks.  I’ve been lucky enough to have my original designs featured in national magazines and my committment to do this blog is the first step to doing more articles and designs to market on the Internet.

My one bedroom apartment is my craft studio, test kitchen, and entertaining venue…this is in addition to the “normal” functions it also serves.  In my heart, I’ve always wanted a little Victorian cottage in a Midwestern small town.  My reality is that I live in a 1970’s era apartment in the city.  However, once you walk into my place, you’re surrounded by lace, china, family heirlooms, and all the other elements you would find in a Victorian country home.  And when I take a break from my computer, I need only walk to a window to look out at a courtyard alive with birds, squirrels and (someday) flowers, trees and shrubs.

So this blog will be a little bit Victorian, a little crafty, a little bit about gratitude, and even more about my journey.   I’m looking forward to seeing you at my tea table!


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